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#1 Web design company fostering you with extravagant web solutions.


Providing outstanding results for every project we may satiate.


Awarded as the best web design company in 2019.


Professional members delivering professional results.


Creating your website from the very scratch to give it the right identity.


Timely delivery as promised.

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web designing company in noida

Who Are We?

Realize your digital ambitions via our services focusing on industries of B2B and B2C!

Seeking web design services from Webangus would not state just having services for a certain period of time with us, rather we believe in building long-term relationships so we can keep up with our quality of work every time. Our innovative web design solutions are tailor-made to implement and complement your company's needs in the most effective manner. Widen the horizon of your business and get web services at affordable rates which can target industries of every niche such as B2B alongside B2B, simply!

  • Inspired by the technology providing tactical advancements.
  • Web solutions that are proven to be highly responsive.
  • Exquisite transparency between project members and clients.

Our Verticals

web development company


Powerful open platform. Easy blog updation. Premium Plugins. Professional Themes. Innovative. Attractive Designs. CMS.

web development company

Website Re-designing

Exceptional Framework. Unique Layout Design. Content updation. Cost-effective. Logo Redesigning. Easy loading.

web development company


Server-scripting language. Dynamic websites. Easy database interaction. Highly compatible. Reliable websites.

web development company

Custom Web Design

Meet the needs of business requirements. Better scalability. Affordable budget. Unique features. Fast loading time.

web development company


Fastest-growing language. Productive. Open-source. Versatile. Extensive libraries. Lucrative programming. Highly Compatible.

web development company

Node JS

Easy scalability. Robust technology stack. Lightweight. Increased speed of the web. Extensive tools and libraries.

web development company


Easy to maintain. Safe & Secure. Built on MVC structure. Bug-free development. Cost-effective. New Plugins. Robust Technology.

web development company


High-performance. Zero-step installations. Automatic Synchronization. End-to-end tooling. Simplified testing.

web designing agency in noida

Creating The Right Design To Help You Display Your Brand Accurately!

Benefits of seeking service of our web designing agency in Noida:

Webangus is equipped with over 60+ professionals.

Providing 360-degree web design and development services.

Coding will be done as per your language preferences.

A defined proposition to formulate a consistent strategy.

web designing agency in noida

Why Choose us?

We assure you that Webangus is the most appropriate platform for every seeker who is willing to accelerate their business growth via creating the right web presence. Our team will infuse the latest information of content, uploading creative images whilst maintaining the site well with the right updates.

web designing company

How We Help?

We Start From Scratch Until Making A Giant Web Design For Your Business!

Webangus is recognized under the list of top 10 web designing companies in Noida, where we innovate every strategy in-house to provide you with the best possible outcomes. Whether you are willing to begin with your startup or require a project for your full-fledged company, then probably Webangus is the right place to go for. We take intense pride in introducing ourselves as a team of professionals catering to a plethora of wide business needs, online. We work until we feel our customers are happy high thus, staying abreast of their competitors.

Web Designing Process

Our Web Designing Process to fulfil all your Requirements

Our Clients

Trusted by more than 5000 clients!

Our team takes pride in developing designs in accordance with industry standards.

web designing company in noida
web designing company in noida
web designing company in noida
web designing company in noida

Know what our clients have to say!

Don’t take just our word from it. Learn from our former clients.


Completed Projects


Revenue Growth


Customer Satisfaction

It was absolutely great hiring Webangus! So amazing that I have referred the same company to many of my closest friends whose experience was also proven to be as successful as my experience was. The earlier company who was handling it, could barely reply and always left calls unanswered but Webangus has been supportive throughout!

Bhuwan Mehra

Junior Assistant at an IT Firm

Ongoing great service sought by Webnagus! Our team is super glad to have chosen the company as they built our website as perfectly as we wanted. Very knowledgeable and creative people who always get back to us immediately when we face difficulties surfing. Would highly recommend Webangus and their impeccable services.

Srishti Chopra

Team Leader for a Project

Just wanted to say a massively great thank you to everyone out there at Webangus! Right from start to the finish of the site, they made the entire process seem a lot less fussy and greatly handled. Moreover, the customer service has been outstanding too. Never expected such great professionalism. Can't’ thank you enough.

Shivani Goyal

Project Manager at a healthcare company

Being the co-founder of the company, it was really hectic for me to handle everything single handedly until webangus took over. The professionalism is outstanding. Loved the way they created, developed and maintained the website, which was the biggest hurdle I was facing. Moreover, they are very loyal and trustable when it comes to uphold my company's prerequisites and services even after the development of my online presence.

Tarun Garg

Co-founder of beauty products

We are trusted by over 5000+ clients. Join them by using our services and grow your business.

Learn More About Webangus!

If you don't find an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Webangus works with every sort of company irrespective of its size. We intend to deliver with our same skill set to support big as well as small clients. Moreover, we equip them with similar energy with the motive of building brands more than just focusing on their businesses. If you wish to get found and outrank your competitors then Webangus is the one you must go for!

Yes! Website designing or redesigning is one of our major fortes. We sensitively make sure to equip you and your website with redesigning services that will consume time depending on your technology and pages, resulting in guaranteed ROI and the overall success of your business. Don't stress yourself for researching much, contact Webanus and we will make sure to solve your queries as quickly as we can.

Webangus will be happy to aid you while you are under the duration of your contract signed. As soon as the contract is over, Webangus will not take any responsibility to assist you further! If you change your mind to seek ongoing help even after the launch of the site and the end of the contract, you shall be charged on some end with the extended services.

Webangus takes full responsibility for migrating your website onto other platforms if required. Although you will be losing certain visibility in the process. WordPress is an open and free platform on which various designers and developers intend to create web designs. WordPress provides utmost flexibility and functionality thereby keeping up to date with your newly emerged content. We do it for millions of business owners, we can do it for you too!

Having a number of web pages solely depends on the client. Webangus is happy to assist you with an unlimited number of pages for your website. Generally, a website is created by beginning with three basic pages, A homepage, About us, and an Inner (resource page). Whichever layout you choose, and how many pages you finalize, we will assure you get a package in adherence to the same.

We are equipped with professional content writers. Some clients may choose or some may not choose to have the content written. If you are willing to have it, we will be happy to get the content written from our writers, who are the in-house expert writers of Webangus. The package created will be charged more than the usual and already created packages.


We provide regular insights into how and why our web designing company is your right-hand partner!


There are plenty of plugins available for having your WordPress website load faster, but if you join hands with Webangus, we will make the most use of the plugin named ‘Rocket’, which will load your site easily and at a fast-pace.

Generally, there are an endless number of hosting providers who are available to provide hosting at a larger scale. If you are willing to have a hold on the most popular yet affordable hosting providers then you must reach out to providers namely Vapourhost, Bluehost, and Dreamhost.

WordPress is highly recommended to be used popularly as a blogging platform because it is exceptional and SEO friendly. Webangus makes sure to create your web design from scratch and create in the right sense providing SEO-friendly aspects.

This is out of our contract which we will discuss with you beforehand Once the site is launched and the contract is over within a given time period, extra services will be provided only if you wish to pay extra for the same.

Of course. To let your website stand apart and different from others, we will make sure to choose and use common and reliable frameworks like Flask and Django.

Webangus is backed by professionals wherein they can easily develop a rest API especially for your Python. The Python provider library has the tendency to make this happen via exclusive usage of technological advancements.

Webangus makes sure to keep you and your business site updated with the latest trends and versions which are yet to be followed. For the same reason, we make the most use of the PHP 7 version, which is versatile and highly reliable.

PHP is super versatile as already mentioned before and has the right tendency to interact with HTML. You can possibly embed PHP scripts easily into an HTML page without any discrepancy. The transferring from one to another is noticed to be pretty simple.

For sure, PHP helps in the functioning of systems that can easily create, open, and read files appropriately. You can also handle forms, as well as set and accept the underlying variables or cookies. Our set of impeccable professional teams will take care of the same.

Node Js is regarded to be highly scalable as it intends to rarely block but still offers a unified programming language for the desired data type. One of the best features of creating your site with Node Js is, it generally helps to load faster than any other.

Webangus intends to use the database which works differently yet effectively. For the same reason, we use MongoDB which helps maintain document-oriented databases providing high-performance and broader scalability.

Not really. Since Node is an easy-to-use platform, it can never result in having a heavier website. We will make sure to launch it whilst keeping it low and light.

HTML is easy to use and widely scalable that can be used with the latest versions of browsers complementing HTML such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

Of course. HTML is the most commonly used language due to its extensive features such as it is absolutely easy to be used, and the platform seems to be highly independent. It makes it easy for us as well as the client to maintain the site as images, videos, and text can quickly be added to the web page.

We can not make an E-com website using HTML solely, as it will also demand CSS alongside. For this, the team of Webangus at first, will be developing a basic website with HTML tags and then will be styling the same using CSS properties to make it appear beautiful and attractive

We Work For You, We Work Along With You!

Being the pioneer of web design companies in Noida, Webangus is potentially rich to deliver you result-oriented web designs. Our customized and innovative solutions are readily available to boost your business, performance, and customer satisfaction all along. Contact us today, and we promise to get back to you shortly! We do not believe in wasting time.

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