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We will empower your business with custom-based web designing services in Canada which would derive Superior Outcomes!

  • 88% Conversion rate
  • Usage of cutting-edge technologies
  • Professional Web Designers and Developers
  • T5000+ satisfied clientele around the globe
  • World-class solutions for web designing service in Canada


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Thousands of satisfied customers.


World-class solutions for web designing service in Canada


Customer-centric with a data-driven approach.


Web designs that are responsive to all devices.


Powerful, scalable, and dynamic websites.


Convertible leads into ROI

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Who Are We?

B2B and B2C Partnership For Web Designing & Development Services!

We are your one-stop platform for 360-degree design and development assistance. We intend to deliver B2B and B2C strategies. We believe that one size does not fit all, therefore every business requires a personal touch with a different approach for designing services. Each website is designed differently, our back-end and front-end team takes full responsibility to transform your ideas into reality.

  • Providing a significant edge to your potential customers.
  • Let your website move fast on the browser and faster on the mobile device.
  • Designs that can help your business get converted leads.

Our Verticals



Powerful open platform. Easy blog updation. Premium Plugins. Professional Themes. Innovative. Attractive Designs. CMS.


Website Re-designing

Exceptional Framework. Unique Layout Design. Content updation. Cost-effective. Logo Redesigning. Easy loading.



Server-scripting language. Dynamic websites. Easy database interaction. Highly compatible. Reliable websites.


Custom Web Design

Meet the needs of business requirements. Better scalability. Affordable budget. Unique features. Fast loading time.



Fastest-growing language. Productive. Open-source. Versatile. Extensive libraries. Lucrative programming. Highly Compatible.


Node JS

Easy scalability. Robust technology stack. Lightweight. Increased speed of the web. Extensive tools and libraries.



Easy to maintain. Safe & Secure. Built on MVC structure. Bug-free development. Cost-effective. New Plugins. Robust Technology.



High-performance. Zero-step installations. Automatic Synchronization. End-to-end tooling. Simplified testing.

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Advantages of seeking service of our Web Designing Agency in Canada:

Dive into the sheer creativity of web designs

Comprehensive mobility solution for your brand

Website which will give a unique identity to your brand

Transparency within your clients and potential customers

Why Choose us?

The team of Webangus has successfully carved out the particular niche in accordance with the online presence. We have been in the industry for years, wherein we are recognized as the key players offering excellent web solutions to a variety of clients irrespective of their industry. We will start from scratch and deliver you the final product, in timely.

How We Help?

We Let First Impressions, Last Forever!

We at Webangus, believe in the planning and curation of exceptional designs so that once the audience visits your website, they will have the right impression at the very first glance. Our team believes in conceptualizing in the initial era followed by a step-by-step procedure until deployment to test and then launch. We do not jump from one sector to another.
Webangus is not limited to providing just designing or redesigning aspects rather we also focus on other IT-enabled services which account for our back-end technologies and methodologies to equip you with an accurate design that would reflect the right technology itself. Our web design services and solutions will give you everything that you required in order to make you run your online venture smoothly and efficiently.

Web Designing Process

Our Web Designing Process to fulfil all your Requirements

Our Clients

Trusted by more than 5000 clients!

We believe in bringing effective solutions for your business prospects!

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Customer Satisfaction

It was a distinct pleasure for me to work with Webangus. They are exceptional with what they do. Webangus gave my business a completely new identity. Their team is highly cooperative and were great at work. My eCommerce website was created in less than two months and I'm successfully selling my handmade products to a wide aspect. Aiming to move globally. Thanks, Team, Webangus!

Ashish Kharbanda

Supervisor at an Online Clothing Firm

I was hesitant at first to give my website for redesigning but Webangus made me believe in their web designing services in Canada. Ever since they have additionally involved new features with redesigning process, we have seen a 200% increase within the business and online forms. The team worked closely together to provide an exceptional website! Thumbs up.

Pooja Tripathy

Administrative assistant at Healthcare Company

Unquestionably I found the company amongst the best web design companies in Canada, where their deliverables are provided on time. We had a long contract of over a year and my work was completed in 6. After that, they successfully maintained my website infusing new features which were great. I must say Webangus has really professional developers.

Mayank Singh

Media Manager at a Marketing Firm

Starting from scratch wherein my mind was boggled with various thoughts and challenges, I thought it will not be possible to receive the kind of website I was expecting until I contacted and signed a contract with Webangus. They were absolutely outstanding with what they did, and my business took all the right turns from the very beginning. Thank you for your services and support.


Executive Manager at an Insurance Company

We are trusted by over 5000+ clients. Join them by using our services and grow your business.

Learn More About Webangus!

If you don't find an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

We are recognized as one of the best website design companies in Canada, offering 360-degree web design and development services exclusively to you. For us, whether the business is small or big, we intend to make the most of it, thereby delivering you with the best service possible. Our web design services will involve having strategic planning for you, followed by creating a unique layout with building your website from scratch. We will help you get exclusive UI/UX design, where the graphic designer and front-end developers will make the most of it. We will ensure every webpage reflects the brand in the best possible way.

Our web designing agency in Canada believes in not just providing you with a new online presence rather we also redesign for people who wish to have a makeover for their website. We will analyze your current website issues and reconsider to kindle your goals appropriately. We recommend you reach out for extravagant website design and redesign services.

Images play an essential role when it comes to designing or developing a website. For the same cause, to make your site look more appealing and aesthetic, we take the help of source stock photos from different sites. If you wish to get an eCommerce website built, then we must require real and genuine photographers of your products, clicked by professional photographs as it will reflect the image of your brand and its reputation.

We have been in the industry of website designing and development for over 5 years now and we have been successful enough in delivering high-quality website design. Designing a website usually consumes a lot of time since there are three major steps to be followed, but at Webangus, we make sure to deliver the website on time. We believe in offering top-notch quality web design services exclusively for you. For us, your brand is our top-most priority and we take our responsibilities and commitments seriously.

Webangus intends to offer complete, 360-degree digital marketing services wherein we work along providing you with web design as well as development services for your complete branding starting with creating a website from scratch. Our website designing formulas work hand-in-hand with web development, so we can curate a package for the two services together, or you can avail each service separately.

Creating a website is not the bottom line as it requires regular updation as well you will also be required to renew it after a certain period of time. Irrespective of the fact, you're looking to do a complete website redesign or just want to make improvements to your current site, it's essential to have a solid web design company by your side to make it happen. Webangus provides you with full-packed website design services and will continue to serve you for a lifetime once you join hands with us.


We provide regular insights into how and why our web designing company is your right-hand partner!


Generally, a basic WordPress costs a minimal amount. We, at Webangus, offer the starting range of websites with as minimal as Rs.30K and can reach up to a certain limit depending on how many pages and themes you are willing to infuse.

You can easily get different kinds of websites created from Webangus. We specialize not just in simple websites but also ought to create dynamic as well as static designs. This solely depends on the client’s preference and business requirements.

There are plenty of WordPress themes that are available to make your WordPress website a success. Generally, we ought to deliver themes which are paid. The reason behind this states that, paid themes provide more customized options where the look and feel of the website are presented better as compared to free themes.

Yes! Webangus provides every kind of service related to website creation, designing, and API. With the extensive usage of Google API, we can select as many reviews as we wish to display on the website. This will be led by a proper process, via our professional team!

Python is regarded to be a versatile language that helps develop exclusive websites with dynamic typing capabilities. Python is one of the most popular yet latest technologies with great libraries that provides easy performance sales. If you are willing to get your website built, then Webangus suggests you go along with Python development only.

Yes. We would surely curate a web-based CRM, which would be absolutely customized spending on your needs and requirements. We can begin as easily with a product management system to display your clothing products with ease.

Webangus use every kind of framework which can be used to create a PHP website successfully. For that, Yes, if you are willing to get a website wherein you need to manage ad scale up your business, then Laravl is the best-suited framework for you.

As mentioned above, for a PHP website almost every framework is used. CMS is the most essential aspect when it comes to development. At Webangus, the developers take keen pleasure to create such an aspect that would reflect your business in the best possible way.

PHP is regarded as one of the most secure than any other programming language. With the new PHP frameworks, Webangus also use tools that are easy to use and offer great impact, thereby making it easier than ever for you to manage top-notch security.

Webangus delivers exceptional website designs created via Angular. One of the best reasons to be using this is, it is an effective-cross platform development that offers fast speed and appropriate performance. If you wish to get a website that is readable and provides testable code, then Angular is a must-go!

Yes. Angular is highly responsive especially when the team of Webangus will design your website. You can easily achieve responsiveness by infusing Matchmedia and various other components and certain design concepts. Get acquainted with us, and get your exceptional web designs created.

When we create web designs using Angular, it shows how well optimized it is. The reason behind this states that it breaks down the virtual codes of Javascript, thereby making your website load and run faster.

This can easily be added to your existing project but the URL will be changed. Once we have set and fetched the old data, we will add react and react-dom script tags to your code. As soon as we successfully place React component, you are all done there.

React is the most versatile language. This can be used and easily be intermixed with dynamic server-side code such as PHP, ASP.Net, etc. Webangus creates websites that would speak to the brand and offer utmost recognition for your business.

React is a great way to organize and develop code for a website. This would separate different components. It is not at all an overkill as the site created contains no user interaction, wherein one can simply pre-generate the website using server-side React.

We Believe, Good Websites Need Good Developers, So Here We Are!

Being the pioneer of web design companies in Canada, Webangus is potentially rich to deliver you result-oriented web designs. Our customized and innovative solutions are readily available to boost your business, performance, and customer satisfaction all along. Contact us today, and we promise to get back to you shortly! We do not believe in wasting time.

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