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Give your users the most efficient flow on the web as well as on mobile devices by joining hands with our exclusive SquareSpace web design company!

  • Unique layout designs
  • Guaranteed results
  • Guaranteed results
  • Backed by 60+ professionals
  • Usage of extraordinary technology
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Highlights of Choosing SquareSpace Services!


We are recognized as the best web designing & development agency.


The usage of Squarespace will ensure the effective import and export of data.


Webangus has a proven 85% of client servicing record.


We have a team full of 60 professional web employees.


Get authentic results with fast-paced technology.

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Who Are We?

Our exclusive team of designers & developers will help you choose an unrivaled set of best-in-class designs!

If you are someone who is willing to expand their business with the extensive usage of Squarespace technology, then Webangus is the one to reach out to. We make sure to cater to the needs of our customers and clients in the right manner. To achieve something, it is essential to start from the beginning, which is why we begin from scratch. Present your work using Squarespace’s professional portfolio designs powered by Webangus!

  • Get access to a suite of amazing features & appealing designs
  • Providing technical support 24/7.
  • Project delivery within the promised timeframe.

Super-Charge Your Platform with Unique SquareSpace Features!

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Pre-built layouts

Appealing structures. Easy to add products. Quickly created professional layouts. Showcase your content. Blocks to create.

web designing agency

Easy content management

Manageable text. Easy newsletter. Custom codes. Effective image updation. Product display. Social links buttons.

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Design Panel

Customizable settings. Unique SquareSpace web design. Effective padding. Bright colors. Fonts and animations.

web designing agency

Customized CSS

World-class designs. Modern browsers. The latest techniques are used. Major content types. Fit the brand easily. Style better.

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Commenting System

Content moderation. Bulk commenting. Powerful abuse filters. Threaded comments. Community management.

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Design Tools

Custom color palettes. Flexible layouts. Background art creation tool. Built-in photo editing capabilities. Effective Banners.

web designing agency

Customizable Layouts

Unique layouts. Effective user-experience. Reliable techniques. Customizable content areas. Guaranteed results.

web designing agency

Customized Templates

Modern devices. Employ the latest techniques. Portfolio. Pre-designed structures. Font file storage. Manage your store.

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Have a Chance To Get Exposed To the Most Interactive SquareSpace Designs!

Benefits of seeking our Squarespace services:

We offer the best built-in SEO tools.

Easy to maximize your prominence to get searched.

Designs that speak of their quality.

Responsive enough to load within 3 seconds.

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Why Choose us?

Having too many fishes in the pond makes a whole, but the real task is to choose and define the best amongst all! For the same, matter, we believe there are plenty of web providers, but have you given a chance to a company that is so dedicated that it values your time before theirs? Well, Webangus is a complete set of professional web developers who are backed by nearly 10+ years of experience. We believe in providing complete work on the given timeline. The designs created and the technology used by us, are highly robust with a pinch of extravagant solutions, giving an edge of professionalism to your brand and its success.

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How We Help?

Shape Your Business Ideas With Us!

Willing to attain a premium website that works equally responsive within every mobile device? Well, we are here to assist you well. Shape your business ideas and get a website that is highly customized and is used via technology like SquareSpace. Webangus prides itself in great technology skills, by combining every kind of horizontal and vertical segment to equip you with a final outcome that is absolutely commendable. Our team strives and works hard until the very end, to ensure proper customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and excellence in world-class technological advances. Get the right tangent for your business, with us!

Web Designing Process

Our Web Designing Process to fulfil all your Requirements

Our Clients

Trusted by more than 5000 clients!

Our team takes pride in developing designs in accordance with industry standards.

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website designing
website designing
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Know what our clients have to say!

Don’t take just our word from it. Learn from our former clients.


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Customer Satisfaction

We have been acquainted to build our web presence with Webangus over a few years and their job is commendable. We have again worked with them to get ceratin changes done to our website. Me and my co-founder, we are absolutely pleased to have worked alongside webangus. To state them the best would be an understatement. Thank you for helping us browse and navigate the true sense of our business. Kudos!


Co-founder (online store)

I am not much fond of providing feedback as I am very reserved to myself and my business but working along with Webangus was super amazing. They deserve every step of the praise. Would totally give 5/5 stars to the people behind my successful web design. It was exactly the way I wanted.

Roopal Dhawan

CEO of a marketing startup

Been working with Webangus and the team for the last 2 years and their web and project managers are super great! You can reach out to them anytime for small updates or queries. Their customer service is impeccable. Really pleased and contended with the results they delivered to my company with. Even for a startup, it was great! Better than what I just expected. Thanks, much team.

Komal Dubey

Assistant at an eComm store

One word for Webangus-simply amazing. They are really great professionals. Loved how excellently they did the job, further took the entire marketing service. They also taught me how to manage the website and other essentials. I am honored to be able to express my deep gratitude for their expertise. Highly recommended!

Abhishek Mishra

Founder of an ed-tech company

We are trusted by over 5000+ clients. Join them by using our services and grow your business.

Learn More About Webangus!

If you don't find an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Squarespace is the most widely used and acknowledged platform. This is proven way easier to use to broaden your business prospects. Talking majorly about its charge, Squarespace does not come with a free plan. This accounts for planning for at least a month. The cheapest amongst all is a personal plan costing nearly $12 for one month or you can expand as per your need, annually.

If you are willing to expand your business then as mentioned above, Squarespace is a good option to take up. It is considered to be ideal to create more professional web designs. The quality of the designs and the features inbuilt can be a little fussy to be used at first, but you can get used to it with time. We have great technical support, for whoever is willing to seek service, webangus will be right here to assist you well.

Of course. We are just building your website as per your preference. The owner of the website will also be you. Whenever you wish to take down or upload any content on your squarespace website, you are free to do so. Though, all you have to do is take credentials from us. In necessary times, we are ready to improve and protect your doings if required.

Just like any other platform plan, Squarespace plan can also get expired after a certain time period. This means, once the trial taken period gets expired, your website will not be seen as public. Along with the same, the content updated shall be marked as permanent deletion. This solely depends on how much time passes by in order o have an up-gradation to your paid service. With Webangus, we recommend you not to make use of the trial version at all.

Of course. It is mandatory to do so. Once you buy the domain, the privacy of your content is well protected as it does not work like the basic trial version. You can easily pay annually and you will get the domain for a certain amount, especially for your first buying year.

Webangus makes sure to keep the choices wide open for their clients. We do not wish to brag anything or make a fuss about what you ask us to do. For the same concern, you can have your hosting but it is associated with one major pitfall. Squarespace does not allow for any Self-Hosting, you will have to abide by their servers. Unlike WordPress is a free website hosting/software, still, by the end of the time you will have to buy a domain and hosting, so is the case with Squarespace.


We provide regular insights into how and why our web designing company is your right-hand partner!

Exclusive Designs For Exceptional Online Business Outcomes!

Webangus is widely recognized as the best Squarespace web design company. Our professional team is keen enough to serve you the most seamless experience ever. Our developers are savvy in nature and offer high-performance Squarespace customized themes. That is usually conversion-driven. We maintain high standards, developing fully customized websites that are functional, integrated with technology, maintaining extravagant ownership, exclusively for extraordinary clients like you! Make your website reflect on every screen irrespective of the screen size or device, with Webangus!

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